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Animation, Comics and Gaming in Mumbai

Get to know the forward thinking nature of Animela Festival

Illustration by Rudu Studio

On a busy weekend in January, Mumbai came to life with animators, comic artists, gamers and XR specialists visiting from all over the country to attend the Animela Festival.

Credited as India’s first International Animation, VFX, Gaming, Comics & XR Festival, Animela Festival was aimed at promoting and developing various visual arts and technologies, bringing people together to share, connect and get inspired.

The Sassy Show had the joy of meeting with curators, advisors and artists showcasing their work, hearing more about the female friendly, inclusive approach sitting at the heart of Animela Festival.

Read on to meet some of the fabulous Sassy Wonders involved with Animela and get inspired by their insight and advice about the industry of animation and more.

Meet Neha Jain - Executive Director of Animela Festival

Neha Jain is one of the founding members of Animela Festival, bringing to life a whole new, vibrant and fun approach to connecting individuals interested in the world of Animation, comics and more. Intent on moving away from more cooperate styles of conferences, Neha tells us about the intensions behind the female minded curation. As well as highlighting some of the top animated films for you to know about. Tune in and get to know the motivations behind Animela Festival.

Learn more about the festival and who took part by visiting the website

Meet Hina Saiyada - game creator, editor and director

As a transmedia practitioner, Hina Saiyada moves across a variety of mediums bringing to life stories that inspire her. With female narratives at the core of her work, Hina's latest project, debuting at Animela Festival, is a VR museum documenting the life of writer Begum Rokeya, known for her story Sultana's Dream. Hina talks to us about the forward thinking nature of Rokeya's work and the reason she aspires for more people, particularly youngsters, to know about Sultana's Dream. Watch the full chat to get inspired by Hina's approach to creativity and her advice for folks aspiring to take on new projects.

Be sure to check out Hina's work via YouTube or website oddjoint

Meet Nina Sabnani​ - filmmaker, animator, illustrator and educator

Nina Sabnani has played a pivotal role in bringing further animation education to Universities around India. Having started the first ever animation program in 1986 at the National Institute of Technology, Nina continues to teach and support the development of youngsters skills around the country. Her own work revolves around community based projects, being folklore and ethnographic into her art. Watch the full interview to learn about Nina's journey and the changes she's witnessed within the world of animation.

Be sure to check out Nina's films on YouTube @ninamsabnani

Ashwini - cartoonist, zine creator and animator

Ashwini is a comic artist and animator whose gorgeous zines caught our attention at the Animela Festival. Creating narratives around their own experiences, Ashwini brings humour into their strips, exploring themes of identity, self-expression and gender fluidity. We loved hearing what Ashwini had to say about the way people interpreted their work and the role art plays in creating magical worlds of ones own. Watch the full interview to learn more.

Be sure to check out Ashwini's work on IG @ash.doodles.stuff


Interview and videos by Bethany Burgoyne @bxsassy2

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