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Our team of writers, filmmakers, artists, and musicians combine entertainment with education to show the world from a uniquely female perspective.

We are committed to being a transparent and inclusive platform: sharing personal stories that encourage creative expression and bodily autonomy.

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Bx Sassy

Our Founder, Bethany Burgoyne, encourages others to embrace their Sassy side by sharing her own personal narrative. Access her videos exploring sexuality, body image and the female genitalia on the S° Rated Video Channel. 

Bethany speaks on the topics of gender politics, sexual shaming, and female bodily autonomy. She is available for panel discussions, TV and radio appearances, press interviews, and written articles. 


Stay up to date with Bethany's work on her website and catch her Sassy performances on our video channel here

As a media brand, Sassy offers creative services to develop and produce content, campaigns, and events that talk to contemporary thinkers. 


Our services include; visual direction; content creation (film, stills, text); social media planning and activation; creative strategy and consultancy; event curation and production.

Past projects and collaborations include TLM YRS (Fetish Social App) Irina Voinea (Romanian Fashion Designer),

Reform The Funk (Independent Cultural Platform), inne (Female Hormonal Lab) and COLOURWORXX  (global magazine).

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