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Our Sassy Story

The Sassy Show was created in a bid to transform the portrayal of female and AFAB people within media. Starting as a blog in 2017 by Bethany Burgoyne, The Sassy Show now runs as a community of creative talent.


We produce and create podcasts, video interviews, photoshoots and campaigns spotlighting radically Sassy individuals.

Explore our archive of stories and interviews to get inspired. It's time to liberate your creativity so you can connect with sensuality and explore sexuality. 

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Get to know


This Sassy face above is me, Bethany.


I'm the founder of The Sassy Show. I created this platform for fellow Sassy individuals to share their work, ideas, and opinions - uncensored. I advocate for destigmatising nudity, sex, bodies, gender, and genital health. 


You can often find me behind the mic, in front of the camera, or tapping away on my keyboard. 

Want to know more - head over to my website

If you want to know more about our branding services check out our studio details below.

If you want to contribute your work to The Sassy Show get in touch.


For all other questions or ideas, email or give send us DM on instagram @_thesassyshow

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