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Drocer Record - The Female Owned Vinyl Store Spinning A New Tune

Celebrating Record Store Day with Kinjal Gosar

Kinjal Gosar is the founder of Drocer Record - an online vinyl record store distributing new and pre-loved treasures to music lovers throughout India. As a music fanatic, Kinjal turned her passion into a business, fostering a growing community and leading the way in bringing vinyl back into the lives of many.

We're the one stop shop solution for customers - we don't just sell records, we sell record players, sleeves, everything around records

Ahead of Record Store Day, bringing together fans, artists, and thousands of independent record stores around the world, we hear Kinjal discuss her journey as a business owner. Tune in to hear about the high and lows of starting out as a women in a male dominated industry, and how her love of electronic engineering fused together with her joy of rock and metal to lead her into a prosperous and joyful life.


Becoming a Business Owner

Having studied electronic engineering, Kinjal explains how "I love consumer electronics - I know record players, I've opened them up and done whatever you can think of". Combining this with her MBA in marketing has helped Kinjal to lead Drocer Record with a client centered focus. "A business is not just what you sell, or how you sell it; your business and brand becomes you after a point of time... so you need to show people you are someone they can reach out to". This open hearted approach to engaging with all her clients is a reflection of Kinjal's warmth and dedication to the community she is fostering within the vinyl world.

I love consumer electronics - I know record players, I've opened them up and done whatever you can think of

Musical Childhood

As a passionate fan of rock and metal, Kinjal tells us about growing up with a love for Chester Bennington. "In my teen years I got into alt-rock, Greenday, Linkin Park - they were my gateway to rock music". From there Kinjal's love for metal blossomed. Pairing this with the familiar sounds of Hindi and Gujarati music, she tells us about the plethora of genres that made for a musically rich landscape of sounds. This has naturally fed into her musical ear when sourcing vinyl and catering to the expansive interests of her clientele.

In India the best part is we grow up with a plethora of different cultures around us so we pick up whatever we like

Drocer Record Future

When discussing what Kinjal is motivated to achieve, she tells us how "I want all of India to get on vinyl - in terms of business I want to become one of the major players. I want to be known as a brand." For this to be possible, Kinjal aims to bring in records from more obscure artists and to build the network around her. Explaining how "my goal for this year is just to have a bigger community who I can reach out to - to grow that" is a reflection of the work she is doing, aiming to host more pop-ups and connect with a larger body of people.

My goal for this year is to have a bigger community who I can reach out to - to grow that.

With a clear vision and a mature understanding of how to grow Drocer Record, we are certain Kinjal will continue to prosper. From the music she spins into India, to the passion she shares with follow vinyl lovers, Kinjal's positive attitude towards work and community development is what will serve her well for years to come.

In celebration of Record Store Day, head to Drocer Record and build your personal collection of music today by following the links below.


Visit Drocer Record online store here or visit them on IG @drocer.record

Drocer Record is your one-stop shop for all your vinyl records needs. Our aim is to spread the joy of listening to music by transporting you to another world. We sell records of all genres – new and pre-loved, speakers, amps and audio solutions, cleaning solutions, HiFi Audio Solutions, Vinyl Accessories, and a lot more. Looking for something specific and can’t find it here? Contact us today and our team of experts will get back to you.

Interview by Bethany Burgoyne @bxsassy2


The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five

Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky

Queen - Let Me Entertain You

Advaita - MoFunk

Khruangbin - White Gloves

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