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Patterns of Self / Short Fashion Film

Patterns of Self / Short Fashion Film

Patterns of Self is a Vancouver Canada based editorial shoot illuminating both the sides of oneself; dark and light, black and white, masculine and feminine. The dichotomy of black and white was used in Patterns of Self through PatternNation's hand painted canvas garments and non-binary model Helen Marley’s expressive portrayal of both the fem and masc sides of their being. This editorial looks at the knowledge of self, love of self and understanding of self, these ideas are directly referenced in the image of Helen’s kiss with themselves. Creative direction Dosh Osholowu of Toronto member of Jungle3ribe brings his unique black and white esthetic into the mix and photographer Vaspaan Shroff from Mumbai specializes in surrealism, post-production, and animation. Makeup artist and Model team Lennox Campbell and Helen Marley often collaborate as they both play with concepts around gender and identity politics in their work, their ideas around the perception of self directly informed Patterns of Self. All of these elements are brought together byPatternNation’s mural, painted canvas garments and black and white jewelry to create a truly surrealist effect. Music: Little Death by I M U R Painted Clothing, Mural and Jewelry: PatternNation @pattern.nation @cydeva Creative Direction: Dosh Osholowu @adewolfy Photographer: Vaspaan Shroff @vaspaan95 Model: Helen Marley @helen.proskow Makeup artist: Lennox Campbell @ac.artistry
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