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Sensuali x Sassy

Catch our founder Bethany Burgoyne's latest interview

Each week I love writing to you, the Sassy family, about new talented humans on my radar. These inspirational humans join me on the podcast and we discuss intensions behind their work, as well as many sassy topics of conversation about personal and professional growth.

But today the roles have flipped and I'm hyped to be sharing an interview I gave to the awesome platform Sensuali. (Linked below)

Sensuali offers a judgment-free space for sex-positive humans to embrace their sensuality. Their aim is "to shape the future and drive the sexual revolution forward. At Sensuali, we’re devoted to making your wildest dreams a reality. Our platform enables you to offer or seek sensual experiences within a safe, kink-positive, and inclusive environment. Whether you crave new connections, intimate encounters, or thrilling adventures, we provide the space to make it all happen."

Our platform enables you to offer or seek sensual experiences within a safe, kink-positive, and inclusive environment

I'm so happy to have joined their network and be offering my services (beyond the usual media creation I'm often bouncing between) for photography and sensuality workshops. Be sure to check out their site and give my profile a visit to learn more about what's on offer!

These are my favourite quotes from the interview, featuring a few sassy pictures, sharing my reasons for developing The Sassy Show and the workshops I lead around the world encouraging liberated self-expression.

I’m a sex positive creative professional focusing on intimacy, kink, and sexual pleasure as liberation, expression and empowerment.

My confidence and love for what I do has been my greatest evolution; in parallel to seeing the confidence and joy that radiates from the individuals I’ve had the joy to work with.

My introduction to seductive stripping helped me fall in love with my body hair which had been my hang-up for most of my teenage and adult life. In parallel, I started to uncover my dominant and submissive side (impact play and all!)

Head to Sensuali to learn more and explore your sassy side in community with a whole host of other awesome humans!

Discover more about me on Sensuali.

Explore all erotic photographers on Sensuali.

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