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The Art of Breathwork - A Journey to Goa

With Hansika Jethnani

Artist and somatic healing coach, Hensika Jethnani is using a variety of methods to help others go on a journey of deep, emotional expression. From breathwork to body movement and painting, Hansika is weaving together various practices as a journeyer - taking people towards themselves.

Having come from a photography background, before becoming known for their queer friendly zines, Hansika talks to us about the role art places in her life, in parallel to breathwork and connecting with the body. Tune in to her Hansika describe their experiences as a "third-culture kid" and how moving to India has allowed her to continue her journey of self-discovery.


A Journeyer

Describing herself as an artist, first and foremost, Hansika describes art as always "being my way of navigating through life. Art has been my breath - until I discovered breathwork." Hansika describes her work in somatic healing as helping people journey towards themselves through art and breathwork. "I'm also helping my own self journey towards my innerworld". Having initially explored breathwork through having five sessions with a friend, Hansika describes the process of shedding old skin and feeling a huge shift in her being. "I felt less anxious, less stuck in my own head." This was the start of her own journey to training as a breathwork facilitator.

Art has always been my way of navigating through life. Art has been my breath - until I discovered breathwork

Creative Culture

Having always been creative as a kid, Hansika shares one of their strongest memory of writing a poem about friendship for a competition at school. The way Hansika has continued to pursue her poetry alongside multiple other forms of art is something she recognises isn't possible for everyone. "I grew up in a culture that didn't necessary encourage creativity as a career. I was lucky my parents supported me."

Having moved from Shanghai to the UK before rehoming in Goa, by way of Mumbai, Hansika describes how "When I first moved here, I felt like I wasn't Indian enough for the Indian people but I was also not foreign enough for any foreigners I met. But I think that's the story of my life, being a third culture kid and someone whose moved around a lot." This is something that has shaped her work as a zine artist, creating poetic stories on the topics of identity and global movement. Having settled in Goa, she tells us how she feels supported and happy in the environment she now calls home.

Holding Space

Hansika's journey through various cities allowed her to be part of different communities and take on different job roles. She tells us how nothing feels random, recognising the value of each chapter in her life and what it taught her. "I think a lot of the experiences I had led me to where I am now.... When I was a sabbatical officer in the UK I was holding space for people by supporting students to campaign, advocating for better rights for them". Reflecting on the trajectory of her life is something Hansika mentions feels good to look back on.

Now Hansika is finding herself in a space where she's able to be slower and more intentional about how she's spending her time moving between creativity and somatic healing. "I want to create from a more restful, peaceful and joyful place". This decision goes hand in hand with a shift Hansika has felt in becoming more confident, "In the last couple of months I've become unafraid of my authenticity - I'm no longer afraid to be who I am and say what I want, to really fully be myself and that feels good." Knowing this, it's exciting to think how Hansika's work will blossom through an eye of self-love.

I've become unafraid of my authenticity - I'm no longer afraid to be who I am and say what I want


Hansika's Playlist:

Mul Mantra - Gurunam Singh

Kaa - Project Damru

Sapu Lidi - Catur Hair Wijaya

May The Love We Share - Sarka Elias

Blessed We Are - Peia

Get to know more about Hansika's work on IG @hansikajethnani and @healingwithhansika

*Check out Hansika's awesome zine collection via Bazinega

Interview and Portraits by Bethany Burgoyne @bxsassy2

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