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Voguing in India: From Friendship to Founding Freedom

Episode One: Meet Dancers Krish and Sunil

Meet two of India's most renowned Voguing dancers - best friends Krish and Sunil. Having established their place on the dance scene in Mumbai, Krish and Sunil founded their own collective 'Voguing in India' inspiring others to learn the dance form and liberate themselves through freedom of expression.

Tune in to hear our host Bx Sassy interview Krish and Sunil, shining a light on Mumbai's rich culture of dance and performance including the infamous @houseofluna__. We hear about Krish and Sunil's individual journeys to embodying movement and the collective way they are moving against the grain so as to shine bright in their talents. As well as the role models who have inspired their journey and their pursuit of dance as a career and lifestyle.


The power of performance

Sunil and Krish have both worked hard, harnessing their skills and developing a stage presence that brings their star quality to life. They talk to use about the way their community and family (be it relatives or chosen family) have supported their paths to pursuing dance and making it their career. Not only do they stand out for their unique style, it is also their liberated way of dressing and presenting themselves that makes them shine in sassy confidence. They talk to us about the shapeshifting nature of their personalities and how the stage offers solace from the anxiety of every day life.

I choose dance but with dance I also choose passion, music, a little bit of theatre... You have to find a collaboration of your life that will make you live your fullest - Sunil

When I'm on stage I feel I have star quality - stage Krish and reallife Krish are very different - Krish

Voguing and the Ballroom Scene

Having been inspired by dancers across the world bringing attention to the Ballroom scene, Krish and Sunil tell us about the ripple effect they aim to have on their community at large. As well as the awareness they are aiming to develop about voguing as a style - particularly in competitions.

The Ballroom is to celebrate yourself. You want to do a lot of make-up, you want to wear less, you want to be a girl, you want to be an animal - Ballroom is that space.

Womanhood and Being Oneself

For both Krish and Sunil, their journeys with gender identity has gone hand in hand with their dance experiences. It's uplifting to hear them talk about the fluidity of self-expression and reinforcing an ideology that gender is something you embody, rather than a way you have to appear. Being able to embrace their own concept of womanhood, femininity and motherhood is something they discuss in regards to the community around them, particularly being guided by people such as Glorious Luna.

Womanhood is not what you look like, it's what you be like - Krish

I dream to see my queer people, particularly in India, to make their own way - Sunil

As we watch Krish and Sunil's career unfold, it is with joy and admiration that we champion their determination to bring a fresh perspective into society for others to be inspired by. May they continue to keep dancing down their own unique path of life, bringing extra sass and sparkle along the way.


This podcast episode features Krish and Sunil's music selection from Whitney Houston, Ben Platt, Harry Styles, Swati Sharma and Brijesh, and Donna Summer.

Learn more about Krish and Sunil via IG @sunil_bormahela and @kristheticc

Be sure to follow @voguinginindia

Interview by Bethany Burgoyne

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