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New Space Show: On Building A Business With Confidence and Grace

Joanne Of Art welcomes you into her world of authentic conversation, featuring singer Lailana and actress Samantha Russell

The Sassy Space Show is an exclusive video project hosted and created by Joanne of Art, with the intension of learning more about the lives of others, informing her own quest to self knowledge and personal history. Through authentic conversation, JOA is bringing to light the stories of inspiring individuals, interviewing them about their own unique narrative.

In this first episode, JOA invited Samantha Russell, cofounder of Last Looks Beauty and Lailana, founder of Taosol Jam into her world to chat all things sass and self-expression. Expect conversations about flexing those entrepreneurial skills, childhood memories and creating a positive relationship with our own bodies.

Meet your host, Joanna of Art

Watch the full episode on YouTube and read on to catch snippets of our guests sharing their ideas on taking an idea from seed to actualisation.

Lailana on Creating Taosol Jam

As entrepreneurial women, Lailana talks to us about her journey founding the first electronic and live music jam in London, bringing together a vast community of performers and celebrating a mixture of genres and cultures through freestyle jamming."

Samantha on Founding Last Looks Beauty

For Samantha, founding Last Looks Beauty was to create an Afro hair and makeup agency connecting artists (the majority of whom are women of colour) with jobs on sets. From films to advertisement, catwalks to photoshoots, Last Looks Beauty is all about providing talent and models with artists who are confident to work on various hair textures and skin tones.

On Representation

JOA talks to Samantha and Lailana about the lack of representation within mainstream media and their experiences of carving out a self identity within the industry of music and acting. This leads them to discuss experimenting with appearance as youngsters and the joy of dressing up in liberated ways, standing out despite what others may say.

On Ageing

JOA asks her guests what their experiences have been regarding the concept of ageing and having a mindset of appreciating life every single day. They share the importance of embracing age with grace and gratitude, and their hopes for living a prosperous, healthy life.

You can watch the full interview via the video below, soaking up sasspirational conversations sprinkled with sillyness and bursts of fun. Let these wonderful talented women inspire you to live in your element, and confidently build on ideas to change the landscape of your industry.

Space Show Quickfire

Where's you favourite place to go?

L: The ice rink. I'm I'm stressed and the ice rinks open then I'm there, headphones in, skates on

S: There's this trail, the 126 trail in Ohio, I would ride my bike there for hours and hours. It's my favourite place.

What makes you do what you do?

L: If I don't do what I do, then I don't know what to do!

S: It's for the underrepresented communities, for leaving a generation of positivity and for helping others

In what way can you contribute to a better future?

L: With the jams, we encourage everyone to get on stage and be thehmself and comfortable whatever kind of expression comes out of you. So I think its about giving everyone a safe space, including everyone and encouraging everyone to be the best versions of themself.

S: By being nice to people, continuing generosity and care to others and somewhere in the world we become better for it.

What is your favourite part of your body?

L: The eyes - I think its my favourite part of everyone's body - the eyes tell so much

S: I love my back. I have a massive scar from when I was a child, I had surgery at two years old on my lungs.

Favourite time of day?

L: When I wake up! I made it one more day

S: Same! And it's a chance to try it again.

What's your relationship like with your body?

L: I always had this love hate relationship, feeling the pressure to look perfect. But four years ago I had a wake up call, that this is the only vessel until the day I die so I better appreciate it and love it to the max. Why would I spent my time hating what I see instead of appreciating every single thing. So now, even on days when my brain wants to be mean to my body, I'm like hold on! You wouldn't even be here without this - my body!

S: Mine has changed so much because I'm now at a stage where I want to have children. So I look at my body as this crazy beautiful thing and I really appreciate what's going on in here because its giving life.


Keep up with our Sassy host Joanne of Art via IG @joanne_0f_art

Stay up to date with Lailana's musical wonder via her IG @lailooneh and be sure to visit @taosoljam for a taste of her one-of-a-kind jam nights.

Get in touch with Samantha Russell via IG @sam_bams and reach out to @lastlooksbeauty to book them for their services. More information available on their website

This episode was recorded at The Sassy Studio

Produced by Bethany Burgoyne @bxsassy2

HMA by Adjhani Kim Barton @adjhanikim_mua

Edited by JOA, Joana Lirio and Bethany Burgoyne

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