The Arabic Singer Shining Light on Her Darker Days

Ruba Shamshoum's music is an elegant fusion of poetry and ambient dream pop

Using songwriting as her remedy for healing a sense of self-worth, Ruba Shamshoum’s work speaks of mental health, love and loneliness. With each song, Ruba's Arabic lyrics offer listeners a heartfelt insight into the way music became her form of therapy. Gently moving between the dark and light, through jazz-inspired, ambient soundscapes.

Photo by Joana Lirio

Currently based in London, Ruba Shamshoum was born and raised in Nazareth, Palestine, before moving to Ireland to study jazz performance. Drawing on her strengths as a jazz singer, Ruba’s free-flowing vocal harmonies move across multilayered instrumental soundscapes. She embodies a raw yet refined style, purposefully celebrating her Arabic mother tongue while effortlessly shifting between genres. We sat down with Ruba to discuss her