Stylist to the Stars, MeaKoom for the Music

Singer and producer, MeaKoom, is living a duality of identities. For alongside her music, Kemi Akinbola is also known for her inclusive styling and ever-creative Khair for hair.

As a musician, MeaKoom has been captivating audiences with her spine tingling sound that speaks directly to the soul. Cruising atop lofi hip hop beats, MeaKoom's songs are lyrical lessons of love, life, and poetic patience. In the same breath, this skillful artist is known to many as Hair Stylist Kemi Akinbola. Revamping women’s locks, and building a client list that celebrates individuality and self-confidence. We asked Kemi, and MeaKoom, about the balancing act of being a multi-tasking creative, and how self-expression feeds into all that she does.