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Kenma Writes A New Narrative For The Female Body

Episode 3 of the Sassy Sisters Podcast

In our latest podcast episode, Bethany Burgoyne sits down with Sassy Sister Kenma, to discuss the importance of defining your own language. As a writer, Kenma's stories and essays forever dig deeper beneath the layers of societal norms, offering alternative perspectives on female reproductive health and being a Muslim woman. Her work is an organic exploration of new meanings attached to body image, menstruation, and womanhood, inspired by her upbringing.

Born in Mali and raised in France, before moving to Berlin as an adult, Kenma talks to us about navigating the concept of home within racially segregated societies. As well as the role feminism and icons such as Nina Simone played in shaping her identity of ideas.

Dive into Kenma's work by visiting her Medium page and indulge in the personal, honest approach this writer welcomes us in with.

You can hear more from Bethany Burgoyne, our Sassy founder, on her IG @bxsassy



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