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Illustrator Anna Glibbery Discusses Creative Confidence

Meet Anna Glibbery, the Artist and Illustrator whose style will transport you into a world of dreamlike companionship.

Artist Anna Glibbery is creating intuitive line drawings set against blocks of colour, filled with emotive expression through symbols of care, love, and affection. Faces confront us with a mixture of emotions while words and numbers spiderweb between human forms. With such refined elegance, Glibbery's work is equal parts childlike simplicity and adult apprehension, touching on themes of anxiety, escapism, and protection.

We asked Glibbery to tell us about the route her creative journey has taken her down, and how she is slowly finding the confidence today to pursue her art career.


Could you talk us through your creative journey and who/what encouraged you to pursue

your art growing up?

I have been drawing and creating random “inventions” for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a countryside house in the middle of woods, most of my friends would live 30 min to 2 hours away from me, so I didn’t have them around too often. It forced me to entertain myself and be creative. I always used to watch documentaries about the world and was blessed enough to have a family that loves travelling, this cultivated my fascination for colour and design. I think I chose to continue doing my art because it brings me peace when I’m anxious, it helps me express my feelings and I just love hearing what it makes others feel.

Your work feels intuitive, colourful, and illustrative. What is your process of making?

I used to be very paper and pencil but now I am almost fully digital. I love the freedom it gives you and it’s very forgiving. But recently I have been going back to physical materials, I love touching things and feeling different textures. I think I only prefer digital because you don’t need a lot of space, just a tablet and yourself, whereas I’d need a studio or a second room to express myself properly in my art and not my small London room. My dream would be to have a studio and be able to let loose and go wild with my art.

My art brings me peace when I’m anxious, it helps me express my feelings.

Much of your work is figurative, and sometimes you include words. What inspires the images that you create?

I don’t think about it too much, I like to just put stuff on paper as it comes up in my mind. Sometimes I think it’s too literal but it’s a process that helps me and when I look back at it I can see myself at that precise moment, I feel what I felt and remember what was going on at the time. I quite like that.

Most illustrations are things that have I have experienced or someone I know has. I could bump into a stranger on the tube and like their smile, bag, shoe, or voice and be inspired to illustrate the essence of that moment.

Also, I am obsessed with people. I’ve always loved watching strangers walk by and I put myself out there to make new friends or just chat with anyone. I feel like people are stories waiting to be told. I think that’s why I draw so many of them.

What role does art play in your life today- does it allow you to express yourself at times when you may have felt lost or confused?

Art is my lifeline. I feel like it’s been with me my whole life. When I was scared, I drew to ease the fear, when I was sad, I drew to express my pain and when I was happy, I drew to share my joy. Art and Design is always going to be a part of my life, there’s something fascinating about the process that an artist goes through. We live surrounded by Art and Design. It’s like storytelling, that’s what I find magical.

My hope for the future is to use my art as a weapon and a healer. I want to get important messages through to people and help others with my work.

As a member of the art collective Riot Soup, how has this group helped you grow in your artistic practice?

My Riot Soup girls are like my sisters! They do not judge, they are so special to me. I feel like everyone’s background and talent has helped me learn more about myself in a way, because they have advice, tips, different points of view and comments that other people may have not told me or may have been too polite to say. That’s what I love about the group, we are so comfortable, honest and supportive with each other.

What's been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in relation to your work?

I think the biggest challenge when it comes to my work is actually believing that I am good enough. I have this weird thing where I’ll stall from doing or selling work because I’m scared of failing. That translates through not drawing for a while, not selling anything, and procrastination. I am learning to enjoy the process more than the outcome because at the end of the day if my art makes me feel good, makes me grow and gives me energy… then that’s good enough for me. And of course, if people like it it’s a bonus.

What direction is your art taking today and what do you hope for the future?

I am currently (and suspect I will always be) on a journey of discovery and experimentation. I want to learn more about myself through my art and explore different medias. My hopes for the future are that I find a unique style that I am happy with and be able to use my art as a weapon and a healer. I want to get important messages through to people and help others with my work.


Keep an eye on Anna Glibbery's work via her IG page @annaglibbery where you can catch her upcoming sales of prints and designs

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