Why I Learnt To Love My Beard

For the past year I have been growing my body hair; learning how to love and respect it rather than dismiss and despise it.

The experience of being a woman with dark hair in places to be expected and then some, has been the pubescent insecurity that followed me into adulthood. The hairs which persistently grow from my chin down to my neck, across my chest, my cheeks, my upper and lower arms, the bottom half of my back and expanding warmly over both buttocks has held me back from going on trips to the swimming pool, climbing in and out of bed with people and resulted in a generally damaging effect on my confidence as a woman. The options seemed to be that I either invested a monthly sum into waxing, bleaching and controlling the growth or I could save up my money to afford laser hair removal. Around 18 months ago, mid money-saving moment, I changed my mind. I decided that instead of wishing to get rid of all my hair and never have to worry about it again, I could keep my hair and learn to like it.