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Top Tips for using a Menstrual Cup

The Menstrual Cup can be a wonderful option when thinking about how you want to manage your period. If you are wanting to be more sustainable and save some dollar, the cup is your solution for not using tampons and sanitary towels. If you are someone who likes to collect their blood for affirmations this is Sassy's option as it enables you to pour your blood straight from cup to chosen vessel. With the cup being safe to keep in for extended periods of time and easy to wash, we thought we'd go through some of the challenges and offer our Sassy solutions

NUMBER 1 - Getting stuck, lube it up.

Sometimes putting in the Menstrual Cup can be quite a challenge. Whether you are in a hurry, a little stressed out or nervous about trying to fit the cup, the rubber texture can be a little problematic when your vulva is dry. To help ease the process, we suggest lubing up your inner labia with a touch of saliva or a non-synthetic lubricant of your choosing. This can help the cup glide in.

NUMBER 2 - The perfect squat

The first time we used our Menstrual Cup, we couldn't for the life of us get the god damn thing in. By moving your body, lifting up a leg, squatting down low or maybe standing upright, you can play with how best you can spread wide that vulva and find an easier access point.

NUMBER 3 - Roll it up and pop it in

The way most cups are advised to be inserted is to push the cup between your fingers so that it folds in on itself, the open end becomes creates a heart shape similar to heart shaped puff pastry biscuits (you know the kind?). It helps to keep this shape until the full cup is inserted into your vaginal opening, then releasing your fingers and feeling that satisfying pop as it expands back into its shape.

NUMBER 4 - Push for a Poo

Removing the Menstrual Cup can be a little frustrating, and sometimes cause a build of sweat on that forehead as you hover upside trying to find the end of your cup which seems to have disappeared deep into your vagina. First take a big breath and remind yourself that you will be able to get it out. Then what Sassy suggests is to try and push out a fart or a poop. With this extra tension of the stomach, you will feel your menstrual cup start to lower and come into view.

NUMBER 5 - The Tissue Trick

This has become a bit of an essential trick and has helped a Sassy sister out many a time. By wrapping your fingers in pieces of tissue, you are able to get a much better grip on the end of the cup when removing it from yourself. The silicone can be a slippery little fucker after being inside your body, its also nice to know you won't scratch yourself with your nails on gripping to end.

NUMBER 5 AND A HALF - The Vicky Trick

A Sassy Sister got in touch about this tip and suggested the following.

"If you put your finger in and poke your cup a little you can pop the vacuum and then get the cup out easier without having to pull on the end tip but instead, grabbing the whole bottom half of the cup. That way it may have a longer life to enjoy your bloody majesty more"

NUMBER 6 - The Pubes

This is a challenge which Sassy hasn't quite come up with a solution. If you are person who likes to keep their pubic hair, then making sure not to catch any hairs when putting in or taking out the cup takes extra handy work. Pulling on a pube can be uncomfortable so we suggest making sure all hair is parted out the way (pin back with some pube friendly hair grips?) and your legs are spread wide apart so that you have more space to access your genitalia clearly.

For more tips we suggest you watch "A Moment with My Mooncup" - a live tutorial of inserting an removing a menstrual cup. Hosted by Bethany, our Sassy Founder, she takes her time to explain the challenging relationship she's had with her blood since having an abortion, recognising that periods can be painful and triggering as well as insightful and magical.

We also suggest visiting the Mooncup website for more information about using and cleaning your Menstrual Cup.

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