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Top Tips for Avoiding Thrush

Thrush: Thrush is a common yeast infection that affects women and men. It's usually harmless, but can be uncomfortable and keep coming back. It is not classed as a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans.*

Symptoms of Thrush



White, thick, cottage cheese-like discharge with non-offensive or no odour

*easily confused with Bacterial Vaginosis - more information about BV can be found here

Our Sassy host, Bethany, had a little case of thrush and decided to document her vulva over the course of a week to see how her labia inflamed, changed in colour and what tricks she could use to help ease the pain. In her short vlog, Bethany questions the ways she can soothe herself and what options are available if you cannot access or afford medicinal thrush cream. Understanding what we can do on a day to day basis to prevent thrush is a Sassy priority so we looked around to find out some answers. Watch the full video below and read some of our tips and tricks.

Top Tips to avoid Thrush

Avoid those smelly perfumed products

Be it extra fabric conditioner in your underwear washing or some crazy-ass perfumed deodorant for your fanny, stay away. These products mess up your PH level and stop you vulva doing what it does best - looking after itself. The changes in our smell as women can be useful tools to track our hormonal cycle as well as check in with our stress levels and diet. It is a powerful bodily device that we're gifted with - embrace using those nostrils of yours and don't be afraid to waft around from time to time.

The Sassy way of life encourages a bit of commando from time to time to give your vulva extra room to breathe

Ditch those tight ass pants

You want to wear those sexy leather trousers but you're on your period and it's hot weather - well darling, maybe you should opt for the floaty seethrough black dress with some cotton briefs instead. Being sexy doesn't always mean tight crotches and stringy pants. If you feel yourself becoming itchy or your vulva has been playing up in the past few days, do yourself a favour and aerate the area.

No Undies on Sundies

It's a Sunday morning and you're popping to the shop or chilling out at home - just leave those knickers off, why the hell not?! The Sassy way of life encourages a bit of commando from time to time to give your vulva extra room to breathe. On a weekday, if you're going straight from work to an active dance class, pack a spare pair of knick-knacks for the journey home. This will help to keep your vulva fresh and clean.

The double whammy of thrushy menstruation

When you are bleeding on the first few days of your menstrual cycle, using products such as sanitary towels, tampons and menstrual cups all mean that there are extra layers going on in your pants. Track the time when you are changing your products - leaving a pad in all day, can really encourage that itch. Let yourself have a separate set of older bedsheets to use during your cycle so that you can unplug the vulva and bleed freely during the night.

For more advice, we suggest you check out the NHS webpage discussing thrush in women and men

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