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Toni Murphy - The Vlogger of Uncensored Sass

From Dating to Egg Donation, dip into our fave YouTuber's channel

Toni Murphy has been on our Sassy radar since lighting up our IG feeds with her body and sex-positive content. Toni's honest and open approach to discussing kink, self-pleasure, body image, and fertility is something we appreciate on many levels. Both informative and fun, Toni's work offers an example of how to communicate with ease and confidence on topics that so often get swept under the carpet.

We've picked out our favourite videos from her YouTube channel ahead of a new series due to be released in the New Year. Tune in to get your Sassy tips and tricks from Toni Murphy and be sure to follow her channel today.


Toni shares her experience of egg donation in the UK, and the medical process she went through from start to finish.


Toni only went and pegged a guy 😏 Here's everything she learnt along the way and things she wishes she knew before tightening on that harness.


Toni shows us her hairy body in the hope to normalise seeing hair on a woman's body while discussing her choice to shave her face once a month.


Toni talks about exploring London's kink scene, sharing her experiences to help you understand and get to know an alternative side to London.



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PS a note from Toni:

All of my videos are intended to provide safety information for adults that choose to engage in these activities as well as combat stereotypes and misinformation. In addition these videos may contain educational commentary on queer issues, pop culture, and news items. No portion of my content is meant to be used for gratification, nor is it intentionally salacious. All content used falls within fair use guidelines for education and commentary purposes.

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