The Art of Vulvas by Charlotte Wilcox

Illustrator Charlotte Wlicox has been developing a portfolio of work that places the female body at the centre of attention. Using her drawings to encourage conversations about mental health, homophobia and female body image, her latest collaboration with The Vagina Museum sees her championing the vulva and challenging the myths and marvels of our menstrual cycles. We wanted to hear a little more about the personal reasons behind Charlotte's work and how people have responded to her honesty and openness.

We've been loving your recent work created for The Vagina Museum! Could you tell us about this experience and how the relationship developed?

After I graduated from University, I knew I wanted to continue creating work that related to the subjects I felt passionate about but wasn’t sure where to start. I had heard about the Vagina Museum early on because of their crowdfunding campaign, then soon after graduating I came across an article about them again, so decided to email their lovely founder Florence, and it all took off from there! I first created the Vulva piece for them, which shows 16 different vulvas, and the reaction I received f