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Spice Up Your Lockdown Lovelife

Award-winning Writer and Sex Educator Almaz Ohene teaches the sexually curious how to awaken their experimental side.

With society looking to move beyond old-fashioned stereotypes around sexuality and pleasure, lockdown has provided time for people to reconsider what they’re into.

Enter Sexual Health Awards 2020 ‘Journalist of the Year’ Finalist Almaz Ohene, who combines her expert knowledge of sexuality and pleasure to bring a new and unique experience to understanding intimacy.

“I made these courses because lockdown has made lots of people think a bit harder about how they express themselves sexually. Not being able to go out to a bar or club to pull holds you back – this time away from that scene should liberate you to express your full desire unencumbered by any baggage,” says, Almaz, the organiser of the workshop series.

Her courses include awareness of different ways of expressing consent authentically, becoming body aware, explaining gender diversity and more. For those who are locked down without anyone to partner with sexually, Almaz also has a workshop about writing erotic literature. “This is for the sheer pleasure of writing it, and can also be an aide to awakening your own sexual desires and imagination.” Ohene says.

“When I joined Almaz’s workshop, I felt welcomed into an environment where people were able to speak about sexual intimacy openly, honestly and with positivity. Just being present for that was a positive experience for me, let alone some of the unexpected things I learnt about sex toys, indie porn sites and affiliate links!"

Participant of ‘Improving Intimacy – Part II’ online workshop, July 2020

Almaz is an award-winning writer and journalist, currently writing a book on the cultural and social history and sexuality and pleasure and Founder of Kayleigh Daniels Dated a series of sexually explicit vignettes about an empowered young woman of colour engaging in a variety of daring erotic adventure. Partnering with The Candid Collective, an organisation which host fun and informative workshops across London and online, for the series of four workshops in July, these events are also suitable for people simply looking for fun online activities during times of social distancing due to the on-going COVID-19 crisis.

Ammaarah, a previous workshop participant, said,“ I thoroughly enjoyed Almaz’s workshop and really feel like I was able to develop my literary skills. It was such a safe, welcoming environment and so much fun to write and share work with others. It was so different to anything else I’ve done – would definitely recommend.”

For couples looking to spice up their lockdown lovelives or singles wanting to imagine one in writing, Almaz’s courses could hit the spot.

The first of the workshops, ‘Writing Romance’, takes place on Wednesday 17 March, participants can book via eventbrite here and find out more about the series on The Candid Collective here.


You can keep up to date with Almaz Ohene's work on IG @almazohene

And keep your eyes on more upcoming events from The Candid Collective @the_candid_collective

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