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South African Underground Arts and Culture Tour

March 21st - April 9th w/ Pattern Nation

Are you ready to step off the beaten path for an unforgettable journey into the vibrant heart of South Africa’s arts and culture scene?

Unveil the underground secrets of this captivating country as we embark with an intimate group of like-minded explorers from around the world on a tour unlike any other. Join us , Pattern Nation founders Cyd Eva and Costa Besta (pictured below) for an incredible adventure filled with creativity, diversity, and the rich heritage that defines this remarkable country.

Pattern Nation founders Costa Besta and Cyd Eva

Experience the thriving arts scene in all its glory, with a carefully curated itinerary that takes you off the beaten path. Our expert guides will introduce you to the hidden gems of Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, where underground art movements are pushing boundaries and redefining the artistic landscape. Prepare to go behind the scenes and meet the visionary artists & cultural pioneers shaping the face of South African art today. From intimate studio visits to interactive workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to engage and gain insights into their creative processes, & discover the stories behind their works.


Soweto Tour Guide (Johannesburg)

Mbali will be showing us around the township of Soweto and we will attend one of the amazing events that she organizes Seven Colours Sundays at the Soweto Theatre.

We met Mbali in Cape Town in 2020 and instantly hit it off! She was in town to paint a mural as part of the @ipaf_festival_sa seen in the background of the first photo. We collaborated on a photoshoot and clothing with artist @cerbastain_davids that mbali modelled in. We are so excited to get a chance to work and connect Mbali again next year!

Photographer: @king_george_chunky

Johannesburg Tour Guide

Vanesa will be taking us on a tour thrifting in Jozi to mtn taxi rank. She is a fashion stylist, model, director and content creator who we love dearly. Vanesa brings so much light and vibrancy to the room and has the most amazing sense of style.

We met Vanesa in Joburg in 2017 through a studio space and design collective she was part of at the time at August House 76 where she interviewed Cyd Eva and Lindy Dance for a project inspiring youth in the arts. We have kept in touch ever since and had the opportunity to do a photoshoot together in Cape Town in 2021. We are overjoyed to have Vanesa on our team for the tour next year and look forward to more collaborations together in the future.

Clothing by Pattern Nation, Cyd Eva and Costa Besta

Photography by Pattern Nation

Johannesburg Tour Guide

Delta will be teaching us a dance workshop in South African Dance styles and taking us on a tour at the cradle of humankind paleoanthropological site. Delta is a award winning dancer, doctor, musician, mc and creative who has travelled the world sharing her creativity, talents and message of uplifting humans through dance, music and creativity.

We first saw Delta perform at Smoking Dragon Festival in 2019 and were blown away by her set, message, style and energy. We gifted her a Pattern Nation Shorts and Crop top set and got to know each other a little over social media. Then in 2020 we had the pleasure of meeting her in person in Cape Town and absolutely aligned with each other! She is a fantastic human being who is full of energy and positivity, who keeps it so real and shares her immense knowledge in the most beautiful ways! we are so stoked to have her on or team and finally get to take a dance class from her!

Clothing by @pattern.nation @cydeva & @costabesta

Photography by @pattern.nation

Durban Tour Guides

Nipho and Yanga will be taking us on a thrifting tour in down town Durban. Nipho is a phenomenal musician, songwriter, event producer, creative director and stylist and alongside her partner Yanga they will show us the best spots in Durban to find amazing thrifted fashion.

Costa has known Nipho and Yanga for many years as they all were in the same fashion and music circles in Durban. Cyd got to know them while living in Durban in 2018 & 2019. We absolutely love this wonderful couple and have been involved with countless events produced by Nipho and @tinz_entertainment We can't wait to be reunited with them in Durban soon and know that we will all have the best time thirfting with them during our curated tour. We had Nipho and Yanga Model for us in a shoot called Durban Dots in 2018 with photographer @wrestlewith.god and collaborated with Nipho on an original song, film and photoshoot for Triangulate @formvancouver in 2019 photos by

Clothing by Pattern Nation, Costa Besta and Cyd Eva

Photography by @wrestlewith_god &

Cape Town Tour Guide

@masa6lackalion of Masa Lion Explores Masa will be taking us on an arts and culture tour of Langa Township through his tourism initiative Masa Lion Explores. We will also be seeing him when we check out the @bluepriest_za Afrotek Streetwear Store in Muizenberg. Masa is a Fashion Designer, Stylist and Blue Priest Ambassador who brings the vibes!

We met Masa in Muizenberg near Cape Town in 2020 through the @bluepriest_afrotek-streetwear collective and we became instant friends and peers. He was starting his own fashion design brand @alienshitapparel4 around the time that we met him and we were stoked to his hand painted and upcycled designs come to life. We had the opportunity to collaborate with him on a photoshoot in Muizenberg in 2021 which these photos were a part of and he also model for us in a collaboration shoot with Blue Priest clothing in 2020. Clothing by @alienshitapparel4 @bluepriest_za @pattern.nation Photography by

All 3 Cities Cebo is going to be taking the trip with us and documenting the experience for the entire 3 weeks. We are so stoked to have him on board as he is super creative videographer, photographer, editor and model who has worked with us on countless projects over the years. He has lived and worked in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban which makes him the perfect person to document this adventure and we are stoked to have him on our team!

Costa and Cebo have known each other for years as they met in the Durban Creative scene. Cyd met Cebo when she moved to Durban in 2018 and we all continue to spend time and work together over the next two years. When we relocated to Cape Town in 2021 fates would have it that Cebo also moved to CPT around the same time and we continued working together on creative projects throughout 2020-2021. Cebo filmed the South African portion of our dance film Triangulate, Filmed and modelled in Fashion Show in Durban, filmed and edited @costabesta music video Mampodi and photographed various photoshoots for us in Durban and Cape Town. We can't wait to have him join our team for this tour and know that we are going to get some awesome photos and video of our tour experience. Clothing by Pattern Nation Accessories - Hat & Fanny Pack by @bluepriest_za Photography by Pattern Nation Costa Besta and Cyd Eva


For more information head to the Pattern Nation website where you can reserve your spot on this Sassy adventure today!

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