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Singer Nosihe's Loving Fusion of Zulu and Jazz

Episode 7 of the Sassy Sisters Podcast

This week's podcast episode spotlights South African singer, Nosihe and the release of her latest EP, a live gig recording in Durban. Moving between jazz and South African rhythms inspired by her Zulu upbringing, Nosihe's voice welcomes her listeners into a warm world of emotional expression. Sassy Sister Cyd Eva talks with Nosihe about the meaning behind her music, unpicking the Zulu lyrics that sit atop infectious arrangments.

Alongside listening to Nosihe's top 5 tracks off her EP, we hear these Sassy Sisters discussing the gender-based violence that is prevalent in South Africa. Nosihe uses her music to spread messages educating people on the reality of women's experiences, encouraging respect and equality within her community. We hear Nosihe discuss how singing allows her to communicate freely on this subject, promoting the positive power of love.

Tune into Nosihe's music via her YouTube page and keep up to date via IG @nosihe_

You can also check out Sassy host, Cyd Eva, on IG @cydeva and witness her collaborative project with Nosihe 'Bleach the Dam' on the Pattern Nation website




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