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Sheba’s Social Affairs

Your monthly Sass to stir the sense

Meet Sheba - a creative Aquarius and Sassy explorer joining our team with a whole new series of questions and answers.

Each month, Sheba shares with us different perspectives on Sassy topics that stir the senses. A pastry chef by day, and sassy researcher by night, Sheba is on the prowl to learn what makes you tick, nod and shake your sass up! Read on to hear how Sheba’s approach to life has aligned her with The Sassy Show. As well as her reflections on how to live a bold and confident life as an individual within the unity of a community.


Hey, tell us about yourself?

My name is Sheba, and learning is everything to me. All my life, I've enjoyed sharing new perspectives and working with people who enjoy pushing boundaries. This inspires me to constantly flow out of my comfort zone and expand greater than I could have ever deemed possible.

I appreciate the art of communicating fresh, SASSY, and what others may perceive as “Bold” or "Disruptive” ideas. That, as a whole, is exactly what our communities need to grow and evolve in a more aligned manner.

How do you engage with your sassy side?

There are a few ways that I consciously and unconsciously engage my sassiness. I am sassiest when I am unapologetically being me. There is nothing more sassy to me than being comfortable in my own skin regardless of the day that I may be having. Life consists of an ethereal duality that ebbs and flows. I feel sassy when I'm deep within the flow and when I'm swimming against the flow. My inner divine strength makes me feel sassy.

There is nothing more sassy to me than being comfortable in my own skin regardless of the day that I may be having

What will you be bringing to the Sassy Show?

In a nutshell, I want to be able to reach the full extent of my abilities as a creative thinker and problem solver. I'm always up for a challenge

Sheba's Quick Fire

When do you feel most confident?

Realizing when I'm in an old situation that would’ve made me uncomfortable or hesitant and seeing how much I've grown since then.

Name one key experience that has shaped you?

Growing up in Africa, France, and England has definitely given me a unique perception of the real world.

Tell us one dream you wish to come true?

I'm a simple girl who wants simple things. A house and farm on an exotic island is one thing I will see come true.

What’s a cause that’s close to your heart and/or a law you want to change?

Discrimination on every spectrum. I can't stand the divide that's caused by a lack of understanding and empathy.

What’s the BEST thing about being you?

I'm an Aquarius; everything about me in my perception is the best LOL


Get to know Sheba by following her work on IG @flower.childv and stay up to date with her sass on @_thesassyshow account

Written by Sheba Hibbert

Portraits by The Sassy Studio

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