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Shauna O'Briain: the impact of honest storytelling

Episode 2 of The Sassy Show podcast: MC and newly published writer Shauna O’Briain discusses the realness of her narratives

As an MC and poet, Shauna has made a name for herself on the UK music scene. However, it was Shauna’s book 'Moments of Significance' (published by OWN IT!) that put her on our Sassy radar. The honest power of her words shook our core; rejoicing in candid descriptions of love and sex between women, as well as raising awareness of addiction and creative mindfulness. Tune into the podcast episode to hear our host, Bethany Burgoyne, ask Shauna about her journey into the creative industry and what she's intent on changing through her work and words.

With a passion for female rappers, Shauna tells us about her days running club nights in East London, fostering a community of femme talent. This came from Shauna’s desire to resist the outdated stereotypes imposed upon women in the music industry and inspire more inclusivity within the scene.

Over the past few years, Shauna has slowly moved from the stage to the page, focusing her attention on penning her first novel, as well as re-educating the younger generation through creative workshops and poetry sessions. This focus on engaging society through storytelling and encouraging others to tell their own story is something that highlights Shauna’s humility and intentions.

For someone like me who had zero education...finding support and mentors within a community meant that I got to explore these gifts I had that nobody recognised

With a lifetime of experiences, and an open heart full of love and dynamic power, Shauna inspires us to step into using our voices today. It is clear how Shauna is challenging the oppressing structures that silence so many people within society today, raising awareness of the support needed for those struggling with mental/physical health and economic stability. We ask you to take note of Shauna’s insight into how education can be made accessible and to consider how classism plays a role in your decision-making today.

Meet Shauna's Sassy Side

When do you feel most confident?

When I've had good sleep, chanted enough (which is my Buddhist practice), exercised, eaten well, and not had to work too much. Well rested and spiritually full!

What key experience shaped you positively?

Stopping drinking alcohol

One dream you’d like to come true?

Getting my novel turned into a TV series.

One law you’d like to change or cause that’s close to your heart?

Being kind and caring to each another.

What is the best thing about being you?

Getting to do different things all the time, experiencing a thousand lives in one life and achieving so many of my goals, smashing down so many of the walls that should have held me back, crushed me or swallowed me whole. I've powered through them with ferocity and that's a profound feeling.

Name your 5 Sassy tracks?

No Chaser - REVERIE

Best Shot ft Lioness & Dibo - Shay D

Forever - Sa-Roc

Flower Child - Nitty Scott (ft Kendrick Lamar)

Hip Bone - DenyHer (Doctored Sounds)


Big love to OWN IT! for sponsoring this episode. OWN IT! is a storytelling lifestyle brand, publishing and producing powerful stories across books, music, art and film. At its core OWN IT! is reestablishing the narrative of British heritage by celebrating the stories of people from every corner of society. Check out the website or on socials - IG @own_it_ldn and Twitter @ownitldn We're teaming up with OWN IT! to gift one lucky listener a copy of Shauna O'Briain's book' Moments of Significance'. To take part visit @_thesassyshow on IG

Podcast edit by Eliane Correa

Podcast artwork by Cyd Eva

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