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Sassy Singers Showing Us How It's Done!

Sassy asked writer Emma Lawrence to shine a spotlight on singers who she feels are bringing a sense of Sass to today's listeners of mainstream music. As icons and idols of the 21st Century, influencing many of us on a daily basis, pop stars have a huge responsibility to deliver messages that encourage self-worth and the freedom to be yourself. Here are the artists who Emma believes to be doing just that!

"For years, pop music didn’t have much substance and was just a bunch of people singing about how much they want someone back. But now, musicians are dishing out advice left right and centre!

We live in an age where it’s never been more in fashion to have an attitude. These singers aren’t afraid to share how they feel and are showing their fans that they shouldn’t be either. They are changing the way 'being Sassy’ is defined; as something to be proud of.

So if you are sitting comfortably, we shall begin.


Lizzo is an ICON - a Grammy-nominated, flute-playing powerhouse of a woman

She does her hair toss and checks her nails. We all know that Lizzo feels good as hell, and so she should, Lizzo is an ICON. She’s a Grammy-nominated, flute-playing powerhouse of a woman. Years of hard work, and appearing on Gossip Girl have finally paid off for this Sassy a.f singer. Whether it’s singing about “Juice” or telling us all that the “Truth Hurts”, she is never far from expelling haters and their negative energy. Lizzo is known for her high energy, vivacious performances. As well as this, she also gives out powerful advice on self -love, which her fans praise her for no end. Lizzo is not only Sassy but also an inspiration.

Harry Styles

Harry is not afraid to show his sass

Harry, where do I begin? From One Direction heartthrob to fully Sassy solo artist, Mr Styles has been through quite a transformation. He’s got friends in high places and has had a string of high profile loves, but Harry is also a Sassy singer, and I for one welcome it with open arms. Harry is not afraid to show his sass on socials either, with the “’Adore You” singer ‘clapping back’ on twitter, to haters and celebrities, alike.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa - the voice of women who have had enough with their crappy boyfriends

Dua Lipa, pop star and voice of women who have had enough with their crappy boyfriends. The “Don’t Start Now” singer is known for her straight-talking lyrics, especially when it comes to saying ‘boy, BYE’. The ‘New Rules’ songstress is a force of nature, and is known for giving some good life advice through the form of music. She sings about not answering your phone if you get booty called, because he’s drunk and alone. With rule number two being - not letting him in because you know you’ll have to kick him out again, and finally don’t get under him, because it stops you getting over him. Queen of sass, we worship at your alter.


Rhi-Rhi should be our inspiration on how to deal with haters on social media.

Rhi-Rhi. There are not enough words in the English language to explain how Sassy this Barbadian bae is. Whether she’s singing about ‘Diamonds” or saying, “Bitch better have my money”, Rhianna is the O.G when it comes to the sass-o-metre. She is a woman who knows what she wants, and how to get it. Her Cosmetics Empire, Fenty, is an all-encompassing brand, making sure no gender, skin tone or type is left out. Rhi-Rhi should be our inspiration on how to deal with haters on social media. The Sassy empress, we love you!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus - sharing what she thinks of the way the world works

Miley has had a tough old time in the 2010s, breaking up with her boo, Liam Helmsworth, then getting back together with him, and marrying him, then divorcing him. But, this hasn't affected her Sassiness. The “Nothing Breaks Like the Heart” singer is one opinionated lady who’s not afraid to share her feelings, or what she thinks of the way the world works. The singer, who is Dolly Parton’s goddaughter, has come a long way from her Hannah Montana days, and as she has grown, so has her sass factor. "

You can follow Emma and catch more of her writing on twitter @emmawwhowrites and on

Instagram @emarescientist

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