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Roshini Kumar, The Activist on an Intergenerational Mission

Episode 2 of the Sassy Sisters Podcast

This week's podcast is hosted by the wonderful Cyd Eva. She introduces us to her Sassy Sister, Roshini Kumar - a photographer, creative director and art activist based in Mumbai - whose work actively provokes positive social change and awareness, both in her community in India and online. We hear Roshini discuss the importance of intergenerational conversations, how she is breaking the taboo of menstruation, and why activism is such an important part of her life.

As an activist, Roshini uses her voice and art to spread body positivity messages, focusing on dismantling the patriarchal mindset that she sees damaging her Indian society. By openly addressing mental health and challenging misogynistic ideologies through the narrative of her work, Roshini continually pushes creative boundaries, artistically advocating for bodies to be shown in their raw and natural wonder. This is something our Sassy gang are huge supporters of. By believing in being the change she wants to see, Roshini uses her platform to share an honest approach to self-expression, sexual pleasure, and body image. As well as question the censorship and silence that shadows womanhood and queer identity.

Her recent projects have included the launch of her clothing line RoshPop - a nongendered, psychedelic fashion feast. Through clothing, Roshini builds upon her message that all bodies are beautiful and worthy of being celebrated.

Go check out Roshini's world and be inspired by the abundance of her colorful honesty via her IG @rosh93

You can keep up to date with our Sassy Sisters host @cydeva on IG or via her platform Pattern Nation



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