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Reclaiming Sexuality One Party at a Time: Meet Foxy

In conversation with the founder of The Fox Den - a new sex-positive community for informative talks and hedonistic parties

After seeing a lack of inclusive, diverse and sex-positive events in London, Sinead, aka Foxy, wanted to build a space for people to meet new friends and partners beyond just playing. Thus, The Fox Den was born!

Tune in to hear Bx Sassy interview Sinead about the personal journey that led her to found her own platform, placing femmes and educational sexual pleasure at the centre of her work. As well as the joy of evolving in one's own sexuality through informative, supportive communities.


Having moved through seven different career paths from social planning to tech and start-ups, Sinead tells us how these experiences have informed her approach to work and pursuing happiness rather than status or money. Sinead's previous role of running sex-positive communities first began after recognising her own high sex drive and feeling unfulfilled in the bedroom. This took her and her ex-partner on a journey of exploring the scene in London before starting up their own private group 'Fox and Badger'. Despite the new found joy of exploring the scene, Sinead always felt something was missing. It was upon becoming single that Sinead decided to expand her wings and launch The Fox Den in June of 2021. Since then, she has collected an impressive subscription of over 1300 members.

What I felt was missing in the scene was having a community with a variety of different events every month... new ways to bring people together

Having grown up as an Irish Catholic with little knowledge about sex apart from the fear of pregnancy, Sinead explains how most of what she learned came from reading Jackie Collins' raunchy books. It wasn't until Sinead was 46 that her relationship with sex dramatically changed. Having read the book 'Come As You Are' by Emily Nagoski, Sinead tells us how she was introduced to a whole new world regarding pleasure. "I was having the best sex with myself, and then when I started having sex with men it was a bit shit." This was exacerbated by Sinead's own bodily responses to other's intimacy, explaining how "I can cum by myself but I can't cum during penetrative sex even when combined with other touch (which is the case for 5 - 10% of women)".

If I can help women have amazing sex lives then I will die a very happy woman

It is these personal experiences of Sinead's that have shaped the way she is hoping to encourage others to approach their sexuality and relationship with pleasure more informatively. She emphasizes how "the idea that women don't have a high sex drive is complete nonsense" and that "we should reclaim the word slut!" so as to change the discourse around female sexuality. On her reading list of suggestions are two more books that she explains have been game-changers in her own understanding of pleasure - The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Janet Hard, and The Clitoral Truth by Rebecca Chalker.

Having had the joy of attending The Fox Den Halloween Ball, we are full supporters of this special sensual space. It is clear from the moment you enter Foxy's party that it is a female led space with a sense of maturity and care filtering through from the set up to the socialising and the performers. If you are looking to flex your swinging fantasies or in the mood to lean into more intimate dinner parties and informative talks, we encourage you check out The Fox Den and feel the power of informative, friendly sex-positive events.

The big advantage of getting older is your self-confidence grows and stop giving such a fuck what other people think so it's a lot easier to be direct and do what you want to do

Sinead's Quickfire

When do you feel most confident?

When I'm hosting a Fox Den event - with my high heels on and my lingerie and I've got a big smile.

What key experience has shaped you positively?

Seeking happiness - instead of complaining about it, just get on with it and make a change.

One dream you want to come true?

That every woman on earth has the language, the tools, and the opportunities to have the best sex of their life.

One cause that's close to your heart?

Abortion being legalised, coming from Ireland where abortion was only legalised a few years ago, I feel very strongly about abortion rights.

Best thing about being you?

Just being Foxy - and my hair, I have very big curly hair!


Be sure to check out The Fox Den website or via IG @thefoxdenclub

Interview and portraits (1,2,3) by Bx Sassy

Portrait 4 by Teodora Andrisan

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