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Poppy Sanchez Captures Sensuality on Screen

Episode 4 of The Sassy Show: Reimagining porn with director and photographer Poppy Sanchez

Poppy Sanchez has been building a reputation for her ever-sensual and creative depictions of sexuality on screen. As a multidisciplinary artist, she works across a breadth of mediums from film, editing, directing, and photography, forever casting a spell over her viewers. From nature to food play, saunas to funfairs, Sanchez makes Sassy stories come alive through soft, warm hues and ASMR fan-tasies.

In this conversation, Poppy tells us about the need for communicative creative leadership as well as challenging the stigma that continues to surround pornography; highlighting the need for further diversity both behind and in front of the lens. We also hear Poppy discuss her journey into the industry with our Sassy host, Bethany Burgoyne. Expressing her desire to construct an atmosphere through film where the performers, as well as the voyeurs, can get lost in a dreamlike state of eroticism.

Portrait by Poppy Sanchez, from 'Tu Lips', starring Luna Silver and Nat Portnoy


As an artist, Poppy tells us how her attention has always been drawn to exploring and depicting sexuality. It was while studying art in Amsterdam that she teamed up with her ex-partner to start creating porn on the side. However, she found that the creative community she was looking for to make artistic and alternative erotica was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she felt a sense of judgment from her peers and a division between art and adult entertainment. By the time Poppy moved to Berlin in 2016, she didn't imagine it would be something she'd return to. However, thanks to a Tinder date invitation to be an extra on a film set, Poppy found herself back in the world of pornography.

Portraits from 'Moist' by Karen Hunt, starring Paulita Pappel, Bishop Black

I really have a crew of people who I can rely on, who I can reach out to who understand my vision and can also bring in a lot of great insight themselves.

Today, she is a regular face on multiple porn platforms, becoming known for her directorial masterpieces such as 'Tease Cake' and 'Moist'. What we watch are harmonious encounters between people, cheeky, and full of sensory stimulation. Poppy's gaze guides us between bodies, tongues, and textures as she depicts transparent and lust-filled scenes of sexual intimacy. She tells us about the importance of sound and the attention she places on encouraging each audio technician to communicate with her while filming. Having shot for so many years, Poppy has managed to secure a crew to work with, growing a network of "trustworthy individuals who get as excited and enthusiastic about an idea" as she does.

Portraits by Poppy Sanchez, from 'Tu Lips', starring Luna Silver and Nat Portnoy

When looking at Poppy's career, it is clear how driven and hardworking she has been. Alongside multiple sexual education projects, Poppy was also commissioned by Vice nl to create her documentary 'Sex Sirens' exploring one of the hottest categories of the Dutch ballroom scene. The film is an excellent example of Poppy's ability to humanize sexuality, desire, and uncensored self-expression. It is clear how pure Poppy's intentions are to create beautiful atmospheres for her performers to shine in. Painting her storytellers in halos of colour. Watch the trailer to this film below.

There's so much pressure put on the porn industry to change, but it also needs society and the way everyone thinks and relates to porn to change in order for it to shift

At this point in time, Poppy is working to change her mindset around work. She explains how "I've had quite an intense few years of chasing something, and I achieved a few of things but....the imagintion was better than reality. So now I've had that experience, I want to be less goal orientated." This has come with achieving a balance of rest and play, and reflecting on the impact her work is having, taking moments to gain perspective and honour what fulfills her. Part of this is her desire to break down the shame and stigma around porn and to give space to the performer's voices.

Sex Sirens, a Vice Netherlands documentary by Poppy and Max Kutschereuter

Part of this resting period has involved Poppy reconnecting with her sassy side. Having been through periods of feeling detached from her own sensuality, Poppy tells us about the liberating experience she has when partying with friends, dancing in clubs to music that vibrates with her spirit. She takes us into her own soundscape throughout this interview, introducing us to music by Dornika 'Fatbulous', LAPS 'Who Me' and Keyzus 'Reparations'. So tune in, get in the Sassy Spirit and dance with us, sugarpie!

Be sure to check out Poppy's work, available online and documented via her IG @poppy__sanchez . Find a broader portfolio of her work via vimeo giving you a feel for the tantalising way Poppy Sanchez tells stories.

Poppy's Sassy Tracklist

Keyzuz - Reparations

Slow Drive - Tease Cake (clip 9.15 - 11.36 mins)

Dornika - Fatbulous

LAPS - Who Me?

Slow Drive - Tease Cake (clip 17.20 - 21.10 mins)


Keep up to date with Poppy work's via IG @poppy__sanchez or Vimeo here

Podcast Portrait by Romy Alizée

Interview by Bethany Burgoyne

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