Poet Tomi Adegbayibi: a duality of senses

"I think that poetry is a reflection of the truth as you see it. I want to get better at telling the truth, I want people to want to hear the truth" - Toto

Tomi Adegbayibi has been developing her poetry practice for the last few years between France and the UK. Through language and words, Adegbayibi presents a hunger to explain how colour, sound, and imagery is a subjective, reflective experience. With a unique ability to translate ever-morphing sensations into poetry, Adegbayibi's latest collection, Ekphrasis (Greek for the description of a work of art), is a play between translation and reimagining.

Adegbayibi, also known as Toto, shares with us four of her poems, sitting alongside a selection of artwork and music inspiring the multilayered landscape of her narratives. We asked Adegbayibi to talk us through her evolution as a writer, and the role she sees her art having. The result of which leads to a thought-provoking walk through the mind of this talented young poet.