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LAILANA: Connecting through Song & Defying Limitations

Episode 3 of The Sassy Show Podcast: Meet Lailana, the singer/songwriter with a cosmic presence

LAILANA has been catching our attention out and about on the London Jamming scene. Forever bringing a fresh, freeing energy to the stage, LAILANA's character is bursting with good, giggly, Sassy vibes.

Having released her latest EP 'Galatic Shores' at the end of 2021, we wanted to get to know this sparkling wonder. With a sound that floats in its own pool of genre-defying waters, LAILANA introduces us to five of her tracks, expressing how her musical dream is to connect with people from far and wide.

Tune into this episode to hear LAILANA discuss the unifying role of religion, as well as the complexities it can impose on one's identity. Exaggerating this is that sexist ageism oppressing women within the industry - this is something LAILANA talks more about, alongside celebrating the magic of creation. Big love to our Sassy host, Bethany, and LAILANA for all the giggles - have fun listening Sassy ones!


Meet LAILANA's Sassy Side

When do you feel most confident?

On the days when I let myself love myself the most. It’s from the moment I wake up, I sit with myself and I talk to myself.

What key experience shaped you positively?

Moving countries and having to be in a completely fresh environment. Having more experiences with humans I’ve never met in my life.

One dream you’d like to come true?

My dream is to sing in as many countries around the world.

One law you’d like to change or cause that’s close to your heart?

Free Palestine. Stop the oppression of Palestinian people.

What is the best thing about being you?

My ability to connect with many different types of people. I have a lot of energy to give, and when you’re in a situation where the energy is reciprocated, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Name your 5 Sassy tracks?

Galatic Shores

Don't Let It Effect You

Paper Chasing

Pixelated Soundwaves

The End

My debut EP "Galatic Shores" is a story about the cycle you go through when you're first in love with someone, or something. The journey you take when it all goes downhill, but also how you go back up and come out stronger than ever.


Hear more of LAILANA's music on Spotify and stay up to date on her news via IG @lailooneh

Interview and photos by Bethany Burgoyne

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