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Meet Irina Voinea: Romania's Fashion Revolutionary

Fashion Designer and Stylist Irina Voinea is reshaping the image of Romania through her own iconic taste. Witness the creative mastermind at work in Sassy's short portrait film.

Since appearing in London's 2012 Graduate Fashion Show, Irina Voinea has been making a name for herself as an ever-evolving talent of creativity. Her collections of luxury clothing range from oversized, masculine suits to a range of classic tees, leading the way for contemporary style with her diverse and sophisticated streetwear. Alongside her purchasable lines of clothing, Voinea styles a host of entrepreneurs, musicians, and artists in Romania, bringing her ever-classy edge to stages and screens alike.

After studying Fashion Design in the UK, Voinea made a conscious choice to pursue her career in Bucharest, committing to driving Romania's Art and Cultural Scene forward. Forever rebalancing the expectations of style and image, Voinea has worked with a host of popular individuals within the entertainment industry, surrounding herself with a family of talent including acclaimed Romanian singers Feli, and Smiley. It is obvious that whatever the project, Voinea can be found intelligently reviving the look and feel of the Eastern European scene, continually cultivating collaborations with artists on her home turf such as painter extraordinaire Obie Platon, fashion photographer Vali Barbulescu, and up-and-coming singer Iova.

The complexity of Voinea's work is woven in with effortless elegance, noticeably recognisable within the loose-fitting style which she embodies in each tailored design. Boasting an abundance of poetic patterns and bold graphic prints, Voinea's vision is one of multi-layered creativity. From the classic cut of her trousers to the flattering folds of her shirts, the forward-thinking, unisex approach to her art is a welcome change from what is often seen on the shelf.

Cherishing the historical traditions of her country, and Voinea's own personal fascination with all things magical, we see a language of letters seep into her modern-day designs. The use of monochrome symbols patterned throughout her ICONIC collection is based on the ancient scriptures known to originate from the Danube Valley Civilization, around the time of 5,500 to 3,500 BC. Such work reflects the depth of Voinea's creative thought process and brings to light just how exciting her visions are, and will continue to be.

"I am endlessly inspired by the work of Irina Voinea, she never limits herself or conforms to expectations, and is forever pushing the boundaries of style and fashion" Bethany Burgoyne

Sassy made a trip to Bucharest last May to document Voinea's 'ICONIC' Fashion Show, sharing a glimpse into her working life and the dedication that fuels her designs. Sitting alongside this short portrait video is a narrated poem by The Sassy Show's founder Bethany Burgoyne, written in response to her personal experience of being welcomed into Voinea's environment. As Burgoyne explains, "I am endlessly inspired by the work of Irina Voinea, she never limits herself or conforms to expectations, and is forever pushing the boundaries of style and fashion. Witnessing her at home in Romania, it is clear that she stands out from the crowd; her work is helping shift the mindset of a post-communist country, and she is setting an exciting example through her own authentic individuality and artistic stance. As many will claim, this woman is a genius in the making!"

Whether it's styling artists for their national tours or collaging artwork for her pattern designs, it is clear that Voinea is stepping further afield and expanding dynamically as a brand. A year on from filming this Sassy video, Voinea is now bringing ever colourful creations to light for a broader audience on a global scale. A current gem is her IVY print hoodie, available to buy via mysimplicated and we can't wait to see what her soon to be released online store will have on offer. Keep your eye out for Irina Voinea trousers; they are the most comfortable, flattering designs ever to be worn. You hear it here first!


You can see more of Irina Voinea's work by following her on Instagram @irinavoinea

Irina Voinea's Portrait FIlm created and narrated by Bethany Burgoyne

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