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Maxaroni N. Cheese on The Necessity of Drag Communities

In Conversation with Audacious Alexa

Storyteller, Poet and Dancer Maxaroni N. Cheese is all about showing resistance through authenticity. Known for their empowering performance and shiny presence within the queer community, Maxaroni sits down with our host Audacious Alexa to discuss drag joy and queer liberation.

Tune in to hear Maxaroni and Alexa discuss the importance of pride and how laws across the US are impacting the artistic expression of the LGBTQ+ community. Maxaroni tells us about the recent banning of drag in Texas, discussing the destructive nature of anti-trans movements, compared to the tight knit community within Portland. Alexa and Maxaroni share with us the plethora of opportunities for those wanting to perform on the west coast and the role it plays in helping folks celebrate being themselves within the queer community.

We're not just creating a space where we're tolerated, we're creating a space made for eachother, where we're being lifted up and celebrated and amplified

We can't control the white men in control of the algorithms because they're billions but we can control how we react to it, we can put our feet down

Listen to the body and it will tell you endless stories about desire

Watch the full interview below and be inspired by our Sassy guest and the audacious one, Alexa today.

Get to know Maxaroni N. Cheese via online @twinkjoy 

Keep uptodate with Audacious Alexa via IG @audacious_alexa

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