Maram Kablawi Is Empowering Arab girls one step at a time

A year ago in London, Sassy was introduced to Maram Kablawi, the Director and Founder of Andalus School of Flamenco and Culture in Haifa, Israel. Hearing how passionately Maram spoke of her project and her aim to empower and educate Arab girls through Flamenco, was a catalyst for the recent research trip Sassy has undertaken.

Spending two weeks in Andalus observing, documenting and understanding Maram’s vision provoked questions about the culture of Arab Society, it’s affect on women and girls, as well as the challenges faced when living as Palestinian Arabs in Israel. Here, Maram tells us of the changes she wishes to encourage and how she goes about achieving them.

To learn more about Andalus, you can watch their video here

or follow them at Anadlus on Facebook

Words by Maram Kablawi

Illustrations and Photos by Bethany Burgoyne


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