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Enas Dajani Redesigns Sexual Health in Palestine

Episode 6 of Sassy Sisters Podcast

In the latest Sassy Sisters podcast episode, we hear our founder, Bethany Burgoyne, interview sexual health advocate Enas Dajani. Based in Bethlehem, Palestine, Enas has moved across the globe lobbying for female rights in the Arab world. Her work has taken her from leading regional sex education programmes, to building her own company, Sletate, that uses jewellery to educate women about their reproductive system. Additionally, she was part of building the first Arabic sexual health app, Mostashari App, providing younger people with medical knowledge and support that is so often lacking in the home, and at school.

In these ways, Enas Dajani is continually provoking conversations about gender inequality and the silence that surrounds sexual health and well-being in Palestine. Forever finding innovative ways to engage her community in forward thinking, educational projects.

Tune in to hear Enas discuss how her environment and upbringing has shaped her fight for female rights. And how certain laws in Palestine are actively perpetuating violence against women in her society. For more information about Enas's business, 'Sletate', check out their IG page and keep up to date with Enas's work @pswoman101



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