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The Conscious Dance of Delta the Leo

Episode 4 of the Sassy Sisters Podcast

Our Sassy Guest this week is dance champion and music maker, Delta The Leo. Born and raised in South Africa, Delta the Leo is continually striving to encourage creativity within her community. Her positive and grounded outlook on life is one that cherishes the connection between humanity and the earth. Having traveled around the world performing and competing in dance championships, Delta the Leo's energy is infectious. And her sound reflects this. We hear Delta the Leo chat with Sassy Sister, Cyd Eva about her latest music releases. And the duo discuss how authentic, creative expression forms the bedrock of Delta The Leo's work.

Cyd Eva is the co-founder of Pattern Nation, a nongendered, clothing collective, whose philosophy is for people to embrace their authentic self. Pattern Nation teamed up with Delta the Leo to model their latest line of designs, pictured in the podcast artwork.

Tune in to Delta the Leo's music videos below, featured in this podcast episode and keep up to date via IG @delta_the_leo

Check out Cyd Eva via IG @cydeva and @pattern.nation



Since the recording of this episode, Delta the Leo released her latest track, Jailer, with Superstar M.E. Check out the video below


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