Artist Osheen Siva Explores Her Tamilian Heritage Within A Surreal World

Osheen Siva is reinventing the female image by dipping into the past to propel audiences into a futuristic world

Siva is an artist and illustrator from South India, currently based in Goa, whose eye-catching work exists as large scale murals as well as digital drawings online. Symbolism, culture, and curious mythical tales feed into Siva's ever colourful creations, bringing a bold yet sentimental statement to each image she places in the public sphere.

Exploring themes that are heavily influenced by her environment, Siva pushes the norms of gender, beauty, and feminity by depicting womanhood, fertility, and identity in her own unique, and intriguing style. We asked Siva to share with us some of the ideas that have shaped her art today.