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A breath of Musical Wisdom: Meet Gabrielle Sey

Sassy Spotlights Sey's Latest EP Vapour

Songwriter Gabrielle Sey is confidently singing in the human experiences of emotional confusion, rooting her sound in magical energy. Through soulful RnB and experimental vocalisations, Gabrielle builds her own party of musical messages for listeners to connect with.

Having first caught our attention when playing alongside Canadian artist, and Sassy Sister, Janette King, Gabrielle's acoustic performance took us to another dimension: one that felt both provocative and spiritual. With lyrics that speak of growing into maturity and accepting advice, Gabrielle's honest approach to songwriting holds the power of captivating her audience. We're excited to celebrate the release of her latest EP 'Vapour' and share the inspiration behind this 4 track project.

[My sound] is a round trip from London to Accra with a stop off at a Cali Sunday Service

The starting point of Gabrielle's EP 'Vapour' was understanding the Hebrew word 'hevel'. She explains how "it can mean steam, breath, foolishness, nonsense, absurdity and vanity" or her favourite "merest breath". The four tracks are explorations of these different kinds of hevel. "It's the ever-shifting lines of moral dilemma, the empty nostalgia that humanity can easily fall prey to". She continues by saying how 'Vapour' also speaks of "the boundless void between giving and following advice; and the disenchantment that comes with maturity". With messages that move between restlessness and wisdom, we get a sense of how Gabrielle is evolving in confidence through her musical messaging.

'Vapour' is the ever-shifting lines of moral dilemma and the empty nostalgia that humanity can easily fall prey to

Defiant and jubilant, 'Vapour' reflects the energy that has been heard throughout Gabrielle's back catalogue. Listening to previously released songs such as 'Girl', a sassy and poignant narrative that speaks of relationship dynamics and stepping into one's own power, Gabrielle has a knack for telling stories that play on the emotional heart strings of familiarity. Something which we recognise as a power for connectivity and creating empathy between anyone who relates to her music.

Having grown up in South London, Gabrielle describes her sound as "a round trip from London to Accra with a stop off at a Cali Sunday Service". When listening to tracks such as 'Patterns', we get a sense of how African rhythms combine with cinematic sound effects to transport listeners through a journey that defies one singular place, time, or genre. We look forward to hearing how this talented artist will continue to tread her own path of creativity. Certain that her sound and messages will continue to evolve with poignancy and poetic wonder.

Tune in to Gabrielle Sey's Ep 'Vapour' on Spotify and catch her on IG @seygabrielle

You can see Gabrielle Sey perform at The Sassy Show Live on Sunday 14th November at The Jago in Dalston - tickets soon to be released!

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