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Does anyone else get tired of trying to fit in?


Sometimes, being our full self is shocking, so we tame Sassy spirit down. But what if there was a way you could unleash that inner SASS?


Well, HOT damn sugar, that's exactly what we're here to do.

Together, we'll liberate creativity, embrace sensuality and explore sexuality with pure freedom.


Bethany Burgoyne

Workshop Facilitator

Rani PW by Sarah Ejionye

Rani Patel


Bethany Burgoyne

Workshop Facilitator


When you bring more sass to one area of your life, it unlocks more creativity & courage in all areas. This is a concept thought up by artist Bethany Burgoyne.

Bethany had 

At The Sassy Show, we're here to share stories and inspire you to thrive.

Come join the Sass Club and sign up to classes today

Thriving, turned on, flourishing, creatively liberated...?

We all want it. But it eludes so many of us. Mental blocks, social norms, and fear can get in our way.

What if I told you that by nourishing your creativity, you can gain more confidence sexually?  

When do you
feel most

No pressure,
all play

Our classes are designed to fit around your schedule.

Join the live event via Zoom.

Or catch up online, within 48 hours.

We are here to encourage, grow, and move as a collective of creative individuals.  


Come join the Sassy side of life.


Anja Ngozi 

Producer/Sassy inspiration


your Sass

Commit to all three Sassy classes for only £30 today

As part of this pricing plan, you'll have unlimited access to all videos and resources for 4 weeks post event.

We encourage you to tap into all areas of your Sassyness by joining us for creative, sensual, and movement focused exercises and explorations.

Each class includes:

- movement

- guided meditations + visualisations

- writing exercises

- vocalisation practice

- sketching games

- a curated playlist

- video resources

- love and joy

2021-09-01 (7).png

Available Classes

  • A gentle introduction to awakening your senses

    Read More
    12 British pounds
  • Making Time To Create Together

    Read More
    12 British pounds
  • A beginners class in moving our bodies and minds

    Read More
    12 British pounds

Nipho Hurd

Singer and Entrepreneur

Brought you by the Sassy School of Thought and Action

Sassy School of
Thought + Action

In a world where shame and fear hold us back, The Sassy Show nurtures those desiring more confidence to reach their full sassy potential. By embracing creativity, we support aspiring Sassy souls to connect with sensuality and explore sexuality, so that they will thrive through liberated self expression

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