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From pornography to poetry, dancing to directing, activism to art, we've got the tastiest Sass for you to dip your toes into and get inspired

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New Exclusive Sassy Video

'Linear Soul'

Watch Bx Sassy's latest video created in collaboration with

Samiira Garane and Joana Lirio.

"As a trio, we created this film to push the boundaries between dance, sexuality, and gender oppression." Bx Sassy


Working collaboratively as artists and filmmakers, Linear Soul strives to encourage uncensored conversations about female bodily appearance, using music, dance and film to highlight sexualisation of the human form, liberated self-expression, and the toxic beauty standards we find ourselves consumed by.

In this video, we see this mission brought to life through Bx Sassy's performance under the direction of Samiira Garane,

captured and edited through the lens of Joana Lirio

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