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Welcome to The Sassy Show

a sex & body positive media platform

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Hi, I'm Bethany - the little fluffy brains behind The Sassy Show's beauty.

I'm honoured to welcome you into this sassy space I carved out online. Each podcast, each photoshoot and each article is to inspire you to live in your creative, sassy element.

Have fun exploring!

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The Sassy Space Show is an exclusive video project hosted and created by Joanne Of Art 🌌🚀🌠


JOA is on a mission to learn more about the lives of others, informing her own quest to self knowledge and personal history.

Bringing to light the stories of inspiring individuals, interviewing them about their own unique narrative 


Catch the first episode with Samantha Russell, cofounder of last Looks Beauty and Lailana, founder of Taosol Jam. Expect conversations about flexing those entrepreneurial skills, childhood memories and creating a positive relationship with our own bodies.

Interviews and editorials with leading creative talent