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How NOT To Buy Into Fast Fashion And Why

Artist and creative director Lauren Bouch shares with Sassy her short fashion film 'A Change Is Coming'. A beautifully made visual narrative that rings familiar of the 1970s, yet the underlining message is one which brings us acutely up to speed with the climate of today's fashion industry.

Only 15% of consumers recycle their clothes

Lauren described to Sassy how she brought together her love of vintage and film to create a short video that "hints at how, as a generation, we want everything so fast." With the imagery reflecting this impatience, Lauren's film also works to showcase sustainable female fashion brands Fabric for Freedom and J.diakiesse. Incorporating these edgy and stylish brands with items of vintage clothing, the styling is both quirky and strong, with the model sitting against a backdrop of a launderette. Lauren explained how the choice of the launderette is a direct reference on the vast amounts of water used, and wasted, for mass clothing production. The facts that pull up throughout the film inform us of the destructive nature fast fashion is having on the world, encouraging viewers to rethink their approach to shopping and....slow down!

The total level of fashion waste to be produced by 2030 is expected to be 148 million tonnes

We spoke to artist Jenny, who advocates for ways to reuse and recycle clothing, about how the messages in Lauren's film reflected her own ideas.

"I find this film and the message it is sending incredibly important. For me, I have not bought first-hand clothes for over a year now. Instead, I rely on second-hand shops, flee markets, vintage stores and my friend's closets!". Jenny explained to us that clothes swap parties have become one of her favourite ways to hang out with friends, encouraging each other to reuse and upcycle rather than waste. "I used to feel ashamed that I couldn't necessarily afford all the clothes I saw online and in high street stores, that people would judge me for wearing clothes that were second hand or older. But actually, I have found such unique pieces of clothing in second-hand shops, absolute gems on eBay and Depop, that I am now proud to say I don't buy first hand."

I used to feel ashamed that I couldn't necessarily afford all the clothes I saw online and in high street stores

With the stark and scary facts that Lauren highlights in her film, such as the total level of fashion waste expected to be produced by 2030 reaching 148 million tonnes or the fact that only 15% of consumers recycle their clothes, we are made to think about how some of Jenny's ways of shopping should be encouraged far more. Can we move away from what the highstreet is trying to seduce us with and reinvent our old wardrobes? At this rate, it looks like we may just have to.

Credits for A Change Is Coming

Director and stylist - @laurenbouche

Photographer and videographer - @ida.zander

Hair and MUA - Cardosibeauty

Video editor @joshflowers11

Music - @bxsassy

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