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Cyd Eva talks Fashion, Queer Identity, and Being an Ally

Episode 1 of the Sassy Sisters Podcast

To launch our new series of podcast conversations, founder of The Sassy Show, Bx Sassy, sat down with fellow Sassy Sisters host Cyd Eva to discuss the way sexuality, community, and creativity play a role in her life today.

Cyd Eva is a multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer joyfully celebrating the abundance of colour. She is the co-founder of Pattern Nation with her husband, Costa Besta, a clothing brand and creative platform encouraging community-based collaborations. Located between Canada, her place of birth, and South Africa, Cyd Eva continually embraces the way her environments shape the work she makes. From the patterns she designs to the artists and musicians she links up with, Cyd Eva is a Sassy soul whose outlook on life we truly appreciate; championing the global LGBTQ+ community through her artistic collaborations.

In this episode, we hear Cydney discuss her experience of growing up in a sexually liberated household, as well as the challenges she is overcoming regarding her own appearance. Cyd Eva also introduces us to music from artists that speak to her soul. You can watch all the music videos to her tracks of choice below.

Keep up to date with Cyd Eva's work via her IG @cydeva and take a spin into the Pattern Nation world via their website



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