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Alyssa Burtt - Leading Brave Narrators through Business

Sassy Sisters Podcast with Cyd Eva and special guest Alyssa Burtt

Listen up, artistic innovators! Have you got an idea but fearful of taking that next step to allow your concept to grow. Well, Alyssa Burtt is the Brand and Creative Business Strategist you need to know. As an artist and storytelling leadership coach, Alyssa has built her own company, Brave Narrative, to help individuals and companies pinpoint their brand identity. With a background in photography and design, Alyssa has invested in educating herself about the intricacies of business marketing and ecommerce, through a uniquely creative lens.

Tune in to hear the founder of Brave Narrative, Alyssa Burtt discuss the influence of her upbringing in Canada, and how moving around the world allowed for informative, artistic adventures.

Alongside discussing her career, Alyssa shares with us her connection to feminity; discussing the role lineages have to play in understanding oneself, and embracing the power of matriarchal connection. With sovereignty forming the ethos of Alyssa's work with Brave Narrative, the idea of dreaming without limits, particularly as a female or queer body, is something she enthusiastically encourages. Having been brought up by a strong and ambitious mother, Alyssa talks about paving her own way in the world by building a business as an artist. "I didn't grow up in a circumstance that backed me as an artist but I have the power to back myself, I surround myself with incredible artists who I admire and are creative in their own ways and it helps. You have to reinforce those things [that] weren't there as a kid, because we're all responsible for how we want to be in the world."

I have the power to back myself; I surround myself with incredible artists who I admire and are creative in their own ways and it helps

Launching her incubator programme, 'Bravely', Alyssa is supporting creative founders in communication, storytelling, leadership, and innovation/design thinking. Under the Brave Narrative umbrella, Alyssa is bringing these fundamental elements of growth all together, and, as she puts it, inviting "people who are creating something new in the world! Who have a vision inside them but want to bring it to life. It's finding one's sovereign signature, [asking] how do I make my mark - what does it look like?" Alyssa describes this as a two-part process - brand clarification and then getting busy! In this sense she refers to prototyping, customer research, marketing, and monetising through a human centered, relationship foundation. This focus on the humanity and unification side of business is something which shines through Alyssa's philosophy on her role as a leadership coach. "For me, instead of holding the role as teacher, the bigger commitment is facilitating the learning and facilitating what you want, meeting you where you are."

Learn more about Alyssa's work via the Brave Narrative Website or on IG @bravenarrative

Shout out to our Sassy Sister @cydeva for hosting this episode and inviting us into your friendship with Alyssa.


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Shining a light on the power-households of women Alyssa has been introduced to on her journey around the world.

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