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A Sassy Society

“It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question”

Eugene Ionesco

Drawing and writing act as a way of digesting both her own and others behaviour. Bethany Burgoyne delves into her subconsious to create her latest collection of work.

In this series of hand-drawn illustrations, ‘A Sassy Society’, we are introduced to six new characters. Each persona is inspired by a pool source of people from various places whom Bethany has interacted with. Highlighted in the accompanying poems are both positive and negative characteristics that weave their way into daily actions and displays of insecurity.

Sassy Stories was created by artist Bethany Burgoyne to act as a platform to share her own exploration of the societal groups she finds herself in. Talking with people from different walks of life acts as an opportunity to observe and question the ways we behave towards one another and to ourselves.





gary final


Hand-drawn illustrations and poems by Bethany Burgoyne

Graphite and wax crayon on A6 paper

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