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A Night of Sassy Storytelling

Special Thanks to the women involved with this project xx

Accompaniment by David Burgoyne and HoneyB

Memories of your first kiss?

That time you ventured to “thirdbase”?

When your bestfriend helped shave your moustache?

Sassy Stories revolves around retelling those pivotal moments in life that tend to stay hidden beneath clouds of socially awkward shame. To encourage open conversations, Sassy Events are run for women to come together, talk, discuss and use art as a tool for expression.

Gratefully hosted by Studio 73 in Brixton, Sassy encouraged women to venture back to their 14 year old self and help tell those tales of awkward adolescence through the creation of their very own storybook.

This event was run by founder Bethany Burgoyne, with the hope to change the way we communicate as women so as to pave a healthier path for younger generations of girls going through their sexual journeys.

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