A Moment with Giulia Mangoni

Captured by Bethany Burgoyne

Giulia Mangoni is an artist who lives and works in Italy. Situated in a small town outside of Rome, we see her preparing and practicing her skills whilst studying for a Masters in Fine Art. Creativity is something which this young woman both cherishes and exudes. Her lifestyle is a daily commitment to developing ideas inspired by the environment around her. Throughout this short film, we see a conversation play out between two friends, one in front of the camera and one behind it. Bethany Burgoyne explains more.

‘My choice of filming people provides me with a library of footage to reflect on and study. To watch, anaylse and digest moments of the past allows me to retell a story with a clearer understanding of what is depicted. Summarising the life of Giulia into a short film left me full of words to describe what I saw. Responding to her artistic practice through the creation of an ekphrastic poem, I narrate Giulia’s story.