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Mutual Masturbation

Catch the Sass between Audacious Alexa and Bx Sassy

Our Sassy hosts Alexa and Bx take to the screen for an extra special episode of The Sassy Show! Catch them for the first time unwrapping the stories and sharing their own uncensored relationship to self-touch and pleasure.


Bx Sassy sits down with Audacious Alexa to discuss the journey to making her woman-led erotic videos and the experiences of race, religion and gender that have shaped her intentions within the industry. Watch the full interview to recognise the racial injustices that need to radically change within the Pacific NW of the US and beyond. As well as the importance of Alexa's work in creating a supportive community of SWers and artists in the adult entertainment industry.

This was a special opportunity for both Sassy hosts who have spent the past year working together across the pond. It was the first time they were able to both be Sassy on screen and celebrate with a mutual masturbation at the end of their chat.

Both Alexa and Bethany (aka Bx Sassy) are working in their own ways to bring pleasure out of hiding and into the public sphere. Which makes this collaboration so very special. They both have a fondness for celebrating body hair and encourage friendly encounters of intimacy to be shared openly and with joy.


Be sure to learn from more fabulous SWers and folk working in the adult entertainment industry via Alexa's own series Audacious Alexa. From decolonisation and changes in law to building a family and ways to collaborate, there is much to learn from Alexa's wonderful guests.

Tune in today and let your Sass fly!



Be sure to check out Alexa's work on OnlyFans and IG @audacious_alexag

Video edit by Jesselyn Amerling

Interview and copy by Bethany Burgoyne

Production by Alexa Graham and The Sassy Show

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