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Moving Past Anxiety to Flirtatious Authenticity - Meet Palesa Koitsioe

From meditation to poetry, Palesa Koitsioe is leading the way through a fabulous sense of self-confidence

Multi-potential-light, Palesa Koitsioe is focused on combining wellness and mental health with creativity. From their work as a musician and poet, to the extensive research and coaching they are implementing on neurological patterns of behaviour, Palesa is a sparkle of fresh perspective and self-assurance.

Tune in to their podcast interview with host Cyd Eva and hear about the journey Palesa has been on from South Africa to Canada. Expect soul nourishing stories, Sassy giggles, and open-hearted sharing about gender identity and stepping into our sexuality.

Palesa tells Cyd how their memories growing up were of being in a household filled with music and creative self-expression. From a young age, it was poetry that allowed them to have an outlet for their emotions, often providing comfort during moments of feeling a pressure to carry other people's burdens. Having studied psychology and neuroscience at university, Palesa explains how they "always had this fascination with people's behaviours and choices" and how we can live life in a better way. This led them to start their own business as a coach and consultant (Imabli Bloom) during 2020, focusing on how to change our brains through altered mindsets, meditation, and movement.

I think society really takes away from us our opportunity to be self-determining, to get yourself to a certain point

Never one for limiting themselves, Palesa has gone on to run two podcast series that are close to their heart: one of their podcasts is about jazz music in pan-Africanism (Sound On Siren), the other 'Bonolo Podcast' focused on the devotion of kindness. In these podcasts, we really get a sense of Palesa's joy for sharing, singing, and radically encouraging a new approach to conversations that empower, uplift, and educate.

Image from Bonola Podcast Season 3, Ep 5

Palesa talks openly about embracing their non-binary identity and how moving cities and finding a new community of queer allies has helped them connect with their sexuality and identity safely and fully. This is something Palesa is grateful for and plans to bring back to their home country

I think the biggest hurdle I've gotten clarity around is understanding myself and how much is enough for me to be understood...(I'm misgendered all the time)...when is important to fight for myself and when is it important to let it go

Palesa's Quickfire Round

When do you feel most confident?

When I'm naked

What key experience has shaped you positively?

Getting a divorce

One dream you wish to come true?

Traveling all over Africa as a Jazz musician

One cause that's close to your heart?

Dark before the dawn - a wellness retreat for Black communities

Best thing about being you?

The way that I make people laugh and the joy I bring to people. As well as the sincerity I have for listening and caring for and with people.

Name your Sassy tracks

1. Shemedelyne - Power

2. Amanda Black - Kahle

3. Somi - Ginger Me Slowly

4. Ayra Starr - Bloody Samaritan

5. Foushee - Single AF


Get to know Palesa via their website or on IG @imbali_blooming

Interview by Cyd Eva

Edit and Graphics by Bx Sassy


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