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Jackie J on Appreciating Body Hair

Audacious Alexa and Jackie J discuss the importance of self-agency

Audacious Alexa is joined by erotic content creator Jackie J. They discuss moving into a position of love regarding body hair and how Jackie's decisions have led to her feeling a more truthful connection to herself. As well as the policing of women's bodies and the importance of laws giving women agency over their decisions.

Tune in and get ready to hear Jackie and Alexa unpack the cis male lens of mainstream porn and the racist reductive nature of BBC fantasies. Or watch the FULL uncensored, body-free interview on our video channel here


Check out some of our favourite quotes from Jackie J and get inspired by her creative approach to sensuality, love, and creating confidence through self-compassion.

I believe in mutual, beneficial supportive love from a genuine place and not using other people to gain a sense of power for myself

I've never understood why people get so offended by other's living happily

I found there was an amazing supportive community of hairy people on the internet and that really helped me


To learn more about Jackie J's work and ideas be sure to check out her IG @heyitsjackiej and head to her linktree to know more ways to connect with our Sassy wonder

Interview by Audacious Alexa - on ig @audacious_alexag

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