Fanny Beckman celebrates Inclusive and Realistic Beauty Standards

It is still a sad reality of today that women are made to feel insecure and unworthy in relation to the "perfect" image of the female form. Unrealistic and damaging standards are set and celebrated within the media, resulting in anxiety and damaging mental health for women across the world. Photographer Fanny Beckman has made it her mission to break down these unhealthy and absurd standards by championing the female form in all her diverse, wonderful, beautiful variations. Her ongoing series 'Women of My Generation' is raw, real and a refreshing example of how, through females working together, we can start to uphold our own beauty standards.

How did the initial idea of the project come to you? Being a young woman myself, I know how much impact media has on body image and self-esteem. After discussions with my friends, I realized we share similar experiences and we were all fed up with beauty standards. I decided to question this norm, the fact that these beauty standards are nearly impossible to achieve. The norm has changed throughout different centuries, but it is never inclusive, which means that there are always millions