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Dancing into liberated self-expression with Maïmouna Coulibaly

The Sassy Show, Ep 1: Maïmouna Coulibaly is shaking up the stage one Sassy story at a time

As a performer, dancer and writer, Maïmouna has built a career with one common thread in mind - to liberate herself and those around her. In her one-woman, stand-up performance 'Hot Pussy Show' Maïmouna brings an energy of uncensored freedom; dancing her way through stories of rape, genital mutilation, childbirth, and sexual freedom. Alongside her theatre performances, Maïmouna has also created the concept of Booty Therapy.

Booty Therapy is not only a dance class, it's a sensual workout, mixed with rebellious action and flash mob-style performances. Maïmouna has spread her Booty Therapy message throughout Berlin, as well as across France, bringing Sassy people together and encouraging them to dance freely.

In this episode, we hear Maïmouna talk with our host, Bethany Burgoyne, about how she hopes to encourage people to know how powerful they are in the face of societal and global challenges. She also discusses the release of her debut book, 'Je me revele’ in which she shares her stories and research about sexuality, genital awareness, and the transformative experience of stepping into her late forties with sassy confidence.

Meet Maïmouna's Sassy Side

When do you feel most confident?

When I’m dancing on stage.

What key experience shaped you positively?

Writing my book because I discovered masturbation

One dream you’d like to come true?

That everyone shakes there booty before going to work, to release their negativity so there’s no frustrated people in the world.

One law you’d like to change or cause that’s close to your heart?

I don’t know if women are allowed to have many husbands…!?

What is the best thing about being you?

That even in a really bad situation, I have a sparkle.

Name your 5 Sassy tracks?

Beyonce - Flawless (DJ Taj ft DJ Panic remix)

Zap Mama -Take me Coco

Lucia Comnes - Restless

Doja Cat - Juicy

Aretha Franklin - Respect


Follow Maïmouna's work on IG @maimounaartist or on her website @bootytherapy Big thanks to our sponsor of this episode, the incredible Berlin-based hormone-tracking at-home minilab.

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