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Audacious Alexa Round Up!

Tune in for a "Goggle Box" style review of Audacious Alexa's topfree interviews

In this extra special episode of Audacious Alexa, we're introduced to series editor Jesselynn Amerling and future guest Alice Absolute. These Sassy wonders review all four episodes with Alexa and discuss their biggest takeaways from the first series of topfree interviews.

Throughout this conversation, we hear them reflect on key moments from Meru, Charlie Domm, Lulamae, and Krispy Treatz's interviews. As well as reflect on their own personal experiences in relation to the topics that arise. Tune in to hear this fabulous conversation about the politics of body hair, sex worker mentality, the restrictions of religion, and the importance of neurodiversity awareness.

In addition to this fabulously fruitful review, we get a bonus insight into Alexa's own erotic films. We hear them discuss and review her latest pornographic work 'Audacious Alexa meets Monster C.nt', produced and edited by Jesselynn Amerling.

This was the first project that Jesselynn and Alexa worked on together, created for Alexa's OnlyFans channel. We hear them discuss the process of creating the film and how it became a beautiful conversation about sensuality, colour, female pleasure and the artistic nature of Jesselynn's erotic eye.

As a filmmaker, Jesselynn's passion lies in making experimental documentaries, as well as screenwriting and editing. This is something that shines through in her work with Audacious Alexa, creating a crossover of art, pornography, and sensual voyeurism. You can see more of her work on her website

We can't wait for Series Two of Audacious Alexa to launch with a truly Sassy lineup. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out Alexa's beautiful videos on her OnlyFans channel and dip your toes into her femme-loving world.


Watch Series 1 of AUDACIOUS ALEXA here and keep up to date with all our latest Sassy news via IG @_thesassyshow

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